Movie : Lover’s Discourse
Mar 7th, 2011 by admin

Synopsis: What is love? A disruption in the body’s chemistry? A hormonal upset? A fleeting biological urge? Well … it’s probably all of the above. But science cannot explain love. To understand what it really is, how it affects us, and what it costs us, we need to look at empirical examples. Nancy and Ray finally manage to meet up amid the crowds on the streets of Causeway Bay by guiding each other on their cellphones. They while away the rest of the evening in Victoria Park, fooling around like young kids and reminiscing about the holiday in Japan they spent together a while back. They edge gradually towards a confession that they still love each other. Finally, though, it’s time for them to return to their respective partners. Gigi staffs a laundry shop near a housing estate, and has a crush on her regular customer Sam. She covers her shyness and insecurity by pretending not to notice him and requiring him to repeat his contact details every time he comes by. But the things she finds in the pockets of his clothes trigger a series of fantasies in which she romances a mannequin version of Sam. She sees herself as his dental nurse, as a victim needing to be rescued from a Chinese vampire, as a old-time movie heroine. Then, one day, Sam tells her that he will be moving away .Paul is shadowing Sam in the glassware department of a big store, while Sam is on the phone to a girl he’s trying to meet. Staying out of sight, Paul recalls his boyhood friendship with Sam and his family twelve years earlier. They were classmates, and Paul used to visit Sam’s family to watch English soccer on TV. One day, Paul spotted Sam’s father in Tai Po and took photos of him visiting his mistress there. He then began stalking Sam’s mother, and eventually showed her the visual evidence of her husband’s infidelity. Next time he visited his friend’s home, he found that Sam’s mother had moved out. Paul is on-line at home when he gets an email from Kay, telling him that his wife Nancy is being unfaithful. Kay says she knows this, because it’s her partner Ray who Nancy is seeing. Paul agrees to meet her, but is sceptical about her claim and refuses to believe her evidence. She persuades him that they can resolve the matter one way or the other by following each other’s partners one evening. This they do, with consequences that surprise both of them.

Release Date: 17 March 2011
Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: Info Not Available
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Director: Derek Tsang & Jimmy Wan
Cast: Eason Chan, Karena Lam, Kay Tse, Eddie Peng, Mavis Fan, William Chan

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