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Movie 2014: Fantasia





Fantasia Synopsis

Set against the lonely yet hectic metropolitan, this romance fantasy movie is told from the perspectives of three single women, i.e. Nine Cats, Fit and Kate. Born respectively in the 1980s, 1985s and 1990s, they share similar dreams and fears despite the differences in their lifestyles, backgrounds and experiences. Through their encounters, the story shall convey the message that even if our Prince Charming may often fall short of our expectations, we — as the princess of the story of our lives — could still have great romances and might even have a better understanding of ourselves though our quest for love.
Sinopsis Fantasia

Berlatar belakangkan kota metropolitan yang sepi tetapi sibuk, filen romantik fantasi ini berdasarkan dari 3 perempuan iaitu Nine Cats, Fit dan Kate yang lahir pada tahun 1980, 1985 dan 1990. Mereka mempunyai impian yang sama tetapi perbezaan cara hidup, latar belakang hidup dan pengalaman. Sepanjang perjalanan hidup mereka mencari puteri idaman mereka, pelbagai barang ajaib yang telah mereka terima.

Fantasia Offical Trailer

Release Date: 11 Sep 2014
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Director: Jason Kok
Cast: Yise Loo, Teddy Chin, Cathryn Lee, Koe Yeet, Billy Ng, Aenie Wong, Jeffrey Cheng, Dennis Lau

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