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Movie 2016 : TAKE ME HOME


TAKE ME HOME Movie  Synopsis : After losing a memory from an accident, “Tan” Read the rest of this entry »

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Movie 2016 : BANGKOK 13


BANGKOK 13 Movie Synopsis : Pia is a girl with a sixth sense. Her ability to see ghosts leads her to become the key to unlock 13 haunted secrets in Read the rest of this entry »

The Swimmers
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Movie 2014: The Swimmers





The Swimmers Synopsis

The plot of the film is about two prominent male swimmers who Read the rest of this entry »

The Teacher’s Diary
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Movie 2014: The Teacher’s Diary

Filem Wayang Movie July 2014 The Teacher’s Diary

In 2012, Song (Sukrit Wisetkaew) a former wrestling athlete who became a teacher at a rural school. This school has only four students and one teacher. Diary of Ann (Chermarn Boonyasak) a former teacher, was the only thing that makes him cover up his loneliness. There were many stories of Ann at this school written in her diary. He was impressed and felt like Ann. He wanted to meet Ann but he doesn’t know where to start?
In 2013, Ann returned as a teacher at this rural school. She found her diary with his stories written drained out in the book. She doesn’t know why he leaves this school and where he is now..

Mengisahkan tentang seorang lelaki bernama Song yang mencari pekerjaan baru dan terpaksa mengajar di sebuah sekolah rendah yang terletak di kawasan pendalaman. Di sebalik kesunyian yang melanda dirinya, Song ditemani sebuah diari yang ditinggalkan oleh Ann, seorang cikgu yang telah berpindah. Song berkeinginan untuk berjumpa Ann, namun tidak berkesempatan. Setahun kemudian, Ann berpindah semula dan berjumpa semula dengan diarinya dan terlihat diarinya mempunyai sesuatu yang ditulis Song.

The Teacher’s Diary Official Trailer ->

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Movie : Lulla Man
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Synopsis: Three married guys are always out every night with women who are not their wives. They come up with ingenious ways of not getting caught so they think that their wives know nothing about their night-time activities. However, they do and the wives have teamed up to wreak some revenge.

YouTube Official video from youtube


Release Date: 04 August 2011
Language: Thai
Subtitle: Info Not Available
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director: Tunya Potiwijit
Cast: Chakrit Yamnam, Jeab Chern-Yim, Passorn Bunyakiet, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Ussanee Wattana

Movie : Hello Stranger
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Synopsis: Just like thousands of Thai couples, during the 9 days holiday of Songkran festival, a miserable guy (Dhanasevi) and a girl (Sophon) who is obsessed with the Korean culture, choose to visit Korea for their own specific reasons. They meet each other in Korea and during the course of their budding friendship, decide not to tell each other their names. Though they did not plan the trip together, but will they end up returning back home together?

Release Date: 21 April 2011
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun
Cast: Chantavit Dhanasevi, Nuengthida Sophon, Chantawit Thanasewee

Movie : BTS
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Synopsis: A love story set in central Bangkok where 30 year old Mei Li (Cris Horwang) struggles to find true love. When Mei Li accidentally meets a handsome BTS engineer ‘Lung’ (Ken Theeradeth) whom she considers as the right man, she plans to make her first move. Though there are many obstacles that keep popping up, Mei Li will never give up.

Release Date: 24 March 2011
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director: Adisorn Tresirikasem
Cast: Teeradej Wongpuapun, Sirin Horwang, Aungsumarin Sirapatsakmetha

Movie: The Red Eagle
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Synopsis: Set in 2013, Bangkok has become a corrupted, crime-infested city with a deadly nuclear project that is about to begin. In the midst of the overwhelming corruptions, a mysterious masked vigilante called the ‘Red Eagle’ (Ananda Everingham) steps forward to eliminate the ones responsible. However, Red Eagle has to face threats from a dangerous enemy named ‘Black Devil’, an elite killer who was hired by a secret society to hunt him down. After murdering a paedophilic Parliamentary member, two police detectives begin to breathe down his neck and will not stop at anything to capture the Red Eagle.

The red Eagle movie trailer:

Release Date: 20 Jan 2011
Genre: Action / Thriller
Running Time:
Distributor: Primeworks Studios
Cast: Ananda Everingham, Pornwut Sarasin, Yarinda Boonnag, Jonathan Hallman
Director: Wisit Sasanatieng

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