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Sipnopsis Filem THE FAITH OF ANNA WATERS : Apabila seorang wartawan berjaya bernama Jamie mendapat tahu adiknya mati dalam Read the rest of this entry »

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Movie 2016 : TRIVISA


Synopsis Movie TRIVISA : A trio of notorious thieves cross from Read the rest of this entry »

My Wife Is Superstar
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Movie 2016 : My Wife Is Superstar


Synopsis Movie My Wife Is Superstar : The movie company owner Jeff (Starring Alex Lam) is preparing a major Chinese New Year themed movie. He recruits a new and beautiful leading actress Chu Kei (starring Annie Liu) to replace the famous actress Read the rest of this entry »

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Movie 2016 : BUDDY COPS


Synopsis Movie BUDDY COPS : Fei and Johnny are two rookie cops, raised in single-parent families. They are constantly bickering and Read the rest of this entry »

The Mobfathers
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Movie 2016 : The Mobfathers


Synopsis The Mobfathers FILM : Chapman To and Herman Yau carry on their successful collaboration from Sara with this dark comedy set in the Read the rest of this entry »

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Movie 2014: Outcast





Outcast Synopsis

When the heir of the Imperial throne becomes the target of assassination by his despised older brother, a young prince’s only hope is his sister, Read the rest of this entry »

Golden Brother
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Movie 2014: Golden Brother




Golden Brother Synopsis

A motivational film that recounts the struggles of modern life, A Man Cannot Be Poor stars Bosco as a recently laid-off employee who was also dumped by his girlfriend. Heartbroken and without money, Read the rest of this entry »

The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom
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Movie 2014: The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom

Filem Wayang Movie July 2014 The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom


In the twilight of the Ming Dynasty, the Imperial court is plagued by corruption as tyrants rule over the land. With the Manchurians preying on a weakened empire, war is imminent. The situation is even worse near the northwest border, where widespread famine is rapidly claiming lives. To save the victims from further suffering, sorceress Jade Raksha fights the soldiers that oppress people for their own gain. As payback, local government officials decide to pin the murder of Governor Zhuo Zhonglian on Jade, turning her and the members of her cult into wanted fugitives for a crime they didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Wudang sect’s Master Ziyang intends to nominate disciple Zhuo Yihang to become the next sect leader, sending him to the capital to present the Red Bolus to the Emperor as royal tribute. However, the emperor dies after consuming the Red Bolus, and the Imperial Guards are quickly dispatched to capture Yihang.

Filem ini telah diadaptasi daripada novel hasil nukilan novelis, Liang Yusheng yang mengisahkan cinta dua sejoli yang terhalang kerana percintaan kedua mereka bakal merubah masa depan bangsa dan negara.

The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom Official Trailer ->

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The Lion Men : Ultimate Showdown
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Movie July 2014: The Lion Men : Ultimate Showdown

Movie July 2014: The Lion Men : Ultimate Showdown

Synopsis: The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown picks up after Mikey (Wang Weiliang)’s and Babyface (Maxi Lim)’s superb performance in the first round of the competition. Shi Shen (Tosh Zhang) becomes jealous of Mikey, especially after he discovers Mikey’s feelings for Xiao Yu (Eva Cheng). More determined to succeed, Shi Shen spends every waking hour in training and neglects Xiao Yu. Even ignoring her efforts to cook a meal for him. As the finals approach, Xiao Yu begs Shi Shen to withdraw from the competition after he is nearly injured in a sabotage attempt. Matters worse when Xiao Yu is kidnapped during the finals. Shi Shen and Mikey are both torn between the competition and their love for Xiaoyu. Who will step up to save her?

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Movie : Fist Of Dragon
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Synopsis: Fist of Dragon is an action comedy that tells the story of Uncle Chen, a coffee shop owner who faces many hardships caused by the local triad. His nephew, Jie tries to help by fighting off the triad but ends up causing more problems. Jie’s actions soon bring the wrath of the triad and drag the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, Uncle Chen’s daughter, Lily is on the triad side and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the triad and the townspeople reach its peak.

YouTube Official video from youtube


Release Date: 23 February 2012
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English / Malay
Genre: Action / Comedy
Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Director: Michael Chuah
Cast: Henry Thia, Fiona Xie, Michael Chuah, Wang Xiao Chen

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